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What to look for in a livery

Choosing the right livery yard

Choosing the right livery yard for you and your horse

After all your visits you’ll be in a position to decide out of the ones seen, which was the best livery yard for you. Before making your decision, ensure that all your minimum requirements have been satisfied. If not, check if you still need this requirement and how inconvenient it would be if your yard could not provide this service.

For example, if the yard was perfect in all respects but the parking was very tight and limited, how long would it be before you were unhappy about being blocked in by other liveries or having to park on the road? If you have horse transport would you stop leaving the yard because you were concerned about being able to maneuver the vehicle and how would this effect your overall enjoyment of your horse?

However, if the requirement was the provision of an indoor school, you might decide that for the other benefits of the yard an indoor school really wasn’t a minimum requirement.